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Liberty Pharma INC. is an independent testing laboratory providing personalized product development and analytical services to the pharmaceutical (human and Veterinary) and chemical industries. We specialize in Product Development, Analytical Research and Development Testing Services, Quality Control Testing and Stability Storage & Testing Services

Liberty Pharma INC. is a DEA licensed testing laboratory with capabilities to handle Schedule I, Ia, II, IIa, III, IV, V Controlled substances, intermediates and drug products.

Embedded with strengths of science, technology and acumen, Liberty Pharma INC. focuses on delivering quick turnaround of testing results with client’s methods and/or any compendia monographs with quality, compliance and turnaround time.

Testing services offered associated with the below instrumentation techniques with comprehensive and competitive turnaround time:

Our areas of Focus and expertise we offer our services but are not limited to:

Some of the areas of experienced and established services:

Our goal is to provide high quality, cost effective and timely service, personalized to meet your needs.

Liberty Pharma INC. has a business office in Liberty-MO, USA.

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